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Starwars - Star Destroyer

Just having a play around with Ansel's brilliant and classic Star Destroyer model; currently setting it up to render in iray.

Paul wiz johnson stardestroyer poster recreation

A WIP shot which was not completed when I frustratingly lost a working drive (which hadn't been backed up for a month). So I lost all the 3d assets and psd files. So I am in the process of trying to recover data.

Paul wiz johnson esb stardestroyer

ESB - Star Destroyer

Paul wiz johnson esb poster
Paul wiz johnson stardestroyer anh

ANH style :)

Paul wiz johnson paul wiz johnson wheredtheygo

Starwars - "Where'd they go!?" Part III

Paul wiz johnson stardestroyerhoth

A WIP concept which I left as I had seen someone had done a similar crashed shot.

Paul wiz johnson img 1257

CG mock up as a physical model.