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Star Wars - Rogue Ones

One of my proudest moments! :)

Story of the Print........ (by Lee Towersey)

Wiz contacted me to say he had something for me and on 3rd November 2016 a huge poster size version of Rogue Ones arrived at Pinewood for my attention. Then during my time working on ‘Solo’ it hung on the wall of our workshop at Pinewood and was admired by most members of the Cast & Crew for the year it hung there. One of the admirers was the cameraman who shot the original Storm Trooper scene and is now the proud owner of No.7 (his lucky number).

The Droids featured in this image are all droids used during the filming of Rogue One.

Because of my position and the reason for selling this Limited Edition print I thought it best I contact LucasFilm first to see what they thought. After many emails and Wiz & I having to fill in paperwork and sign forms the run was granted and Officially Licensed by LucasFilm. Amazing!!

Paul wiz johnson paul wiz johnson star wars rogue ones
Paul wiz johnson rogue ones slither
Paul wiz johnson rogue one a star wars

This is the Rogue One promotional image I based the above poster print on.